5 Ways to Keep Your Kids Active on this Lockdown – Rainbow Playhouses

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5 Ways to Keep Your Kids Active on this Lockdown

How to keep your kids active on this lockdown


  1. Coloring books.
    Kids love colors and drawing which makes ‘Coloring’ a perfect hands-off activity they can enjoy on their own.
  2. Turn their room into an adventure land.
    Decorate their room with glow-in-the-dark wall or ceiling decals to imitate the night’s sky or surprise them with a Cotton Playhouse that can be built right in their bedroom for endless fun.
  3. Board Games.
    Get those board games out of the closet… or it’s time to invest in some. There are some great options for kids starting with just 2 players. It’s also a simple way for the whole family to have fun and spend time together.
  4. Imaginary play with Buccaneer Boat.
    Imaginations will soar when kids jump aboard this special indoors/outdoors fade and weather resistant boat with move-able wheel. With the captain on the deck and crew in the cabin, the Buccaneer Boat will create a realistic experience for any imaginative child.
  5. Online Advent Calendars.
    Who cares if it’s not Christmas season! There are some amazing Advent Calendars with beautiful storytelling and games that will keep your little ones engaged for a while which can be downloaded on any device. 
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