20 Creative Ways to Keep Your Kids Happy, Healthy and Busy During Quar – Rainbow Playhouses

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20 Creative Ways to Keep Your Kids Happy, Healthy and Busy During Quarantine

I am one of those moms who don’t have many creative ideas when it comes to entertaining my young children and it’s also because I would like to be hands off as much as possible. Anyone else?! Many parents nowadays are working from home and more than ever, we need simple, effective, and hands-off ways to keep our little ones occupied, happy, and healthy with minimum involvement from our part. So, I put together 20 super simple and easy to utilize ways that don’t require parents to be a creative genius.





  1. Coloring books.
    Kids love colors and drawing. Phanty Pic-N-Rock is a perfect table for the job because one side is a comfortable picnic table and flip it over, it turns into a safe and fun rocker they can enjoy when bored from coloring.
    • Phanty Pic-N-Rock
    • Phanty Pic-N-Rock
  2. Bake with your kids.
    It’s a great combination for building excitement, fun, and self-esteem for the little ones from an anticipation of a tasty treat coming out of the oven which they helped you make. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to sneak in some healthy ingredients, such as oats, nuts, coconut oil, olive oil, some fruits, and more.

  3. Board games.
    Get those board games out of the closet… or it’s time to invest in some. It’s a simple way for the whole family to have fun and spend time together.

  4. Puppet Show.
    It is a great way to entertain your kids or just let them create their own play with Puppet Theater with dry erase board.
    • Puppet Theater
    • Puppet Theater
    • Puppet Theater
  5. Interactive online learning platforms.
    Starfall or ABC Mouse are great resources for kids 2-8 years of age to learn basic reading, writing, math, and arts while keeping it fun and engaging.

  6. Online Advent Calendars.
    Who cares if it’s not Christmas season! There are some amazing Advent Calendars with beautiful storytelling and games that will keep your little ones engaged for a while which can be downloaded on any device.

  7. Puzzles.
    Say no more… There are some amazing glow-in-the-dark ones to keep things interesting.

  8. Get new bath toys.
    I am sure your kids are already bored from their bath toys. Switch them out with new ones and cycle the old ones for a later date. They will be as good as new to your kids.

  9. Balloon party.
    It’s one of those things that never fail to excite kids once in a while. They will have fun trying to blow it too. You can even get their favorite cartoon character foil balloon to make them happy. 

  10. Turn their room into an adventure land.
    Decorate their room with glow-in-the-dark wall or ceiling decals to imitate the night’s sky or surprise them with a Cotton Playhouse that can be built right in their bedroom for endless fun. 
    Check out our inventory of Cotton Playhouses, each perfect for keeping kids busy during Quarantine.



  1. Walk or run with your kids.
    Little kids can effortlessly have fun from just walking around the neighborhood. Our job is to let them wander and play with nature: trees, plants, rocks, sticks, flowers... you name it. If your kids are a little older, take them for a run.

  2. Water play.
    Kids love playing with water. Water play table, giant bubbles, sprinkler toy, and inflatable pool are all great resources for a backyard water party to ensure fun time while getting daily dosage of Vitamin D.

  3. Backyard play structure.
    Invest in a quality swing set, sand box, or a playhouse that can last your kids long time. But why choose one if you can have it all in Five Star Deluxe II swing set from Gorilla Playsets which includes all three. Have your kids play bare feet as grounding improves inflammation and immunity.
    • Five Star Deluxe II
  4. Chalk.
    Colorful chalks are another creative tool for your kids to mix things up outdoors while stimulating their brain.

  5. Free car wash.
    Kids love to feel helpful and important and they love playing with water and bubbles equally. Why not channel that energy into something useful.

  6. Learning new rides.
    It is the perfect time to teach your little ones anything new they want to learn, such as riding bike, scooter, or roller skate. If your first grader is into race cars, Spin n' Go Racer will be their dream come true ride!
    • Spin N' Go Racer
    • Spin N' Go Racer
  7. Hop it away.
    Hop balls are another great resource for outdoor play if you have grass in your backyard.

  8. Backyard decor.
    On another project day, you can have fun lighting up your backyard with your kids’ help.

  9. Special Seesaw.
    Have you heard about Spinner Seesaw? That’s right… this one rotates 360 degree, adding extra fun in the backyard as well as indoors.
    • Spinner Seesaw
    • Spinner Seesaw
    • Spinner Seesaw
  10. Muddy puddles.
    Raincoats, rain boots, and mini umbrellas will do just fine for taking advantage of those rainy days. Kids love to wear their rain boots and carry umbrellas for some odd reason.